e-Mersion Media expands with opening of London office

John Iliopoulos, Founder & Vincenzo Viola, CEO

John Iliopoulos, Founder & Vincenzo Viola, CEO


Following last week’s announcement of Mark Buckman joining the board of e-Mersion Media, and off the back of a steady pipeline of client projects and business development coming from global brands headquartered in London, e-Mersion Media has opened a London office.

This follows the successful launch of the Concierge Monaco 2019 Grand Prix digital magazine app in May, in partnership with e-Mersion Media’s London based client, SEO International (Sporting Events Organization), and an agreement recently signed to publish the Concierge Grand Prix Magazine app across further Formula One races in 2020.

Additionally, the London office will be responsible for publishing and advertising sales of e-Mersion Media’s latest project, Box Ibiza Magazine - the definitive guide to Ibiza, targeting Ibiza’s 8 million tourists each summer.

Quote: Vincenzo Viola, CEO, e-Mersion Media 

e-Mersion Media’s digital magazine platform has already met with widespread approval and support. A number of leading global brands headquartered out of London and Hong Kong have jumped on board with committed projects to roll out across the e-Mersion platform in 2019, with contracts committed through to 2020. I look forward to announcing further client announcements soon.

About e-Mersion Media Pty Ltd

Headquartered in Melbourne, e-Mersion Media Pty Ltd developed and wholly owns e-Mersion.Media™, a groundbreaking magazine digitisation solution for mobile devices encompassing:

  • Multi-sensory engagement through site, sound and action.

  • A pioneering technology that fully immerses consumers across a brand’s entire ecosystem.

  • Delivering ‘always on’ content in real time.

  • Creates new real-time revenue channels for advertisers, while customers can transact, securely, when and how they choose.

  • Brands can tap into, aggregate, tailor and share existing ‘richer content’ that formerly was distributed only through limited owned web and social channels.

Backed by a comprehensive data-gathering analytics platform, empowering client partners and advertisers to monitor and measure content engagement and e-commerce.